BR-Minor- Did you know that the kitchen sinks are the most used part of the kitchen and thus, they are more prone to suffer from wear and tear. Thus, when it comes to buying a kitchen sink it's always advisable to choose a brand which can guarantee you quality and assurance for the longevity of the sinks.

    What are the factors that you should consider while buying a kitchen sink?

    Well, if you are planning to buy a new kitchen sink, it’s advisable to consider the following features:

    • Type of kitchen sink, single drainer or two drainers
    • Stainless steel or granite kitchen sink
    • Price of the sink
    • Size of the sink
    • Drainer of the sink
    • Whether it is stain-free and corrosion free

    It is important that the kitchen  sink must be sturdy, free from regular corrosion and wear and stain proof. Since they are the workhouse of the kitchen, it is important you invest in buying a sink which is sturdy and durable and at the same time adds to the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. The granite sinks are the best, they are not only strong and sturdy but at the same time looks great.

    The BR Minor granite kitchen sink is one such brand which is known to manufacture premium quality kitchen sink. Their sinks are known to be corrosion free and stain resistance. Moreover the lustre and shine of this kitchen sink remain for long despite rigorous usage.

    Key feature of the BR Minor granite Kitchen Sink-

    • It is double bowled kitchen sink but it comes without the drainer
    • Made up of superior quality material which offers sturdiness and makes it last long.
    • The size of the kitchen sink is sufficient to be used for washing vegetables and utensils.
    • You can choose from the options like white granite kitchen sink, bblack granite sinks and other colours which are available with us include sand, yellow, metallic grey, graphite, metallic.
    • Dimensions of the sink – 63*49*17 cms

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