PN-Ibiza - 1-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer


    PN-Ibiza - 1-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer

    A kitchen laced with all te necessary equipment makes your life very easy and the whole process of cooking very simplified. A kitchen without a sink is incomplete, from the washing of vegetables to utensils, kitchen sinks and a good drainer is a must for seamless working in the kitchen. Since most of the people prefer to have stainless steel kitchen sinks, it's important you must have the best one at your place to ensure longevity.

    What to look for before buying a kitchen sink?

    As mentioned above kitchen sink is an integral part of the kitchen, you really cannot imagine your kitchen work without a sink. So, what to look for before buying one. Well, there are many factors that one considers before buying a kitchen  sink, but here we have enlisted a few important points that you should take into consideration before buying one:

    • The material
    • Pricing
    • Colour
    • Brand

    Home Accessories Shop brings you a wide range of kitchen sinks. these well-polished kitchen sinks are a must for your kitchen. PN-Ibiza - 1-Bowl composite Granite Kitchen SinkWith Drainer is one of the bestselling range of kitchen sinks. The brand is synonymous with performance and premium quality.  This kitchen sink is the best for all the daily kitchen activities like washing vegetables, utensils etc.

    Key features of the PN-Ibiza - 1-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer

    • The bowl of this granite undermount kitchen sinkis made out of granite which offers sturdiness
    • The dark metallic finish of this kitchen sinks makes it look a class apart and also makes it scratch free.
    • The company gives you an option to choose from white granite kitchen sink, black granite kitchen sink , beige and grey sink.
    • This granite kitchen sink has been designed to compliment your kitchen and is big enough to be used for washing vegetables or utensils without much hassle.
    • Dimensions of the sink – 64*45*18.50cms

    Why choose us?

    Well, if it's about buying kitchen accessories, there is no better place than Home Shop Accessories. We have a wide range of products which will make your kitchen look just perfect. All the products sold by us are of the premium quality and have a longer shelf life, which means lesser maintenance and lesser expenditure.

    If you are looking forward to buying or replacing the kitchen sink if your house, we highly speak about the PN-Ibiza - 1-Bowl Granite Kitchen SinkWith Drainer. You can buy this master piece from our website You can also visit our website to explore more options on kitchen sinks and other kitchen accessories.