PN-Katania - 1,5-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer


    PN-Katania - 1,5-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer   

    When it is about your kitchen even the smallest of thing makes a big difference. One of the most important parts of your kitchen is the kitchen sink, it is used for washing vegetables, utensils etc. thus, it must be of premium quality, free from regular wear and tear and also able to retain its lecture despite it being used regularly. Only a good brand can guarantee you all these features.

    So, what exactly you should look for while buying a kitchen sink?

    There are many factors that you should consider, in fact, it varies from person to person but there are some general features that you should definitely consider, here we have enlisted a few mandatory ones:

    • Bowl Configuration- single bowl or double bowl
    • Material: stainless steel, or granite kitchen sinks
    • Size and Depth: whether you want it rinsing and cleaning of utensils or you just want it for washing vegetables.
    • The price of the sink- budgeted ones or the high-end.

    PN-Katania - 1,5-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink With Drainer is a blend of all the above-mentioned features. It has all the qualities which make it one of the best kitchen sink.

    The company is known to manufacture superior quality kitchen sinks which are meant to last long without losing its original shine and lustre.

    Key feature of the PN-Katania - 1,5-Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink

    • This is a double-bowled composite granite kitchen sink and it comes with the drainer
    • Made up of the best quality material and is very durable
    • Does not loses its lecture despite rigorous use.
    • It is available in various colour options like white granite kitchen sink along with colours like beige, grey, graphite
    • The granite kitchen sink is big enough to be used for washing vegetables and cleaning of utensils.
    • Dimensions of the sink – 83.5*49.5*18 cms

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